Explaining omelettes

I am from Calcutta. In Calcutta, we have omelettes with tomatoes, onions and green chillies. In Flury's, they come with olives, chicken, ham and the odd sickle shaped garlic or two as well. I could not have therefore imagined the plight of the omelette made without any eggs. But I am getting ahead of the … Continue reading Explaining omelettes

The Rabbit Hole

Sitting alone, wondering about carrots If you want to be my friend  You got to let me eat your soul That's what she heard in the end While falling down the rabbit hole Did I just imagine that?  Or is that what I truly want? I have one life, unlike the cat I can't sell … Continue reading The Rabbit Hole

Brownian Emotions

Sometime back, I had written something titled - Calmer Sutra. It was my attempt to acknowledge the highly necessary need to stay still in a world going headless with breakneck speed, losing its shit over shit and generally trying to catch up with changes that are both bewildering as well as relentlessly superfast. Add to … Continue reading Brownian Emotions

Miss ya Ghalib

Today is Mirza Ghalib’s 220th birthday. I wasn’t keeping track and I certainly will now try to make up for that shameful deficit on my part by wishing him on Facebook. In the meantime, let me tell you a bit about ol’ MG. As per upper class Muslim tradition (of his time, I would like … Continue reading Miss ya Ghalib

(I Hate) Rats – explicit lyrics

Not that I had to write "explicit lyrics". You guys would be familiar with my style by now 🙂 Sing this rhyme. It helps: ================================================================ You walk around ho Like ya playin Pokémon go Got no clue in ya head That you’re gonna be dead Sooner and not later So then see ya alligator I’ll … Continue reading (I Hate) Rats – explicit lyrics